Valor operates at the intersection of waste processing and raw material creation. Wherever the nature or composition of material is affected, changed or enriched, we bring our expertise to optimize technology, process and results. To do so, Valor invests in promising, passionate and sustainable companies with a love for waste processing, raw materials and material composition.

Valor's companies

  • "Our sustainable compost has been rewarded with a Class A certification from Keurcompost."

    Valor Composting Natural and sustainable soil improver.

    In our processing plant, we compost no less than 47,000 tons of organic waste per year in a highly efficient manner. What's more, we were the first to use tunnel composting as a method for this: a method that has now been adopted all over the world. Lees meer

  • "The goal is to create the highest value at the lowest cost."

    veyzle Specialist in the processing of paper and plastics.

    veyzle, specialist in the treatment and processing of paper and plastics, has one goal in mind; to get the most sustainable result from paper and plastics every day, together with our partners. This is how we bring high-quality raw materials back into the circular chain. Lees meer

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