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Open About Waste

We are part of Ortessa, a group of five enterprising waste companies. Each with its own specialism in the field of waste, but with one clear joint mission: we want to be open about waste.

That starts with clarity. Waste exists. There are promising developments, but you don't just turn the process into 'zero waste'.

The first step is to dare to name where waste comes from and what happens to it. This will make the complex processes of collection and processing much easier to understand and simplify. So that you can start looking differently at 'how you've always done things'. We believe that clarity is the only way to create room for new, sustainable and effective solutions.

We want to be open about waste. And to work with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers who want to be open about waste too. Being open, from whatever role, also means being more aware and alert. And that is where change begins. Together we can build the waste services of the future. And step by step we will make the world of waste smarter, simpler and more sustainable.

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