Valor Composting

Valor Composting is responsible for the composting of no less than 47,000 tons of VGF waste per year. The facility in Southeast Brabant was the first in the world to use tunnel composting to process organic waste.

The process
Biodegradable waste needs about two weeks to become compost. The conditions in the tunnels must be perfect for this. Temperature, humidity and oxygen are regulated fully automatically to initiate the necessary bacterial processes. In the process, dirty air is cleaned completely sustainably and blown out 100% clean again.

Quality mark
The quality of the compost is so high that this sustainable soil improver has been rewarded with Class A certification from Keurcompost. This standard meets the requirements of agriculture and horticulture. This sector accounts for 90% of the total purchase. The remaining 10% finds its way to local gardeners, landscapers and also private individuals.

Advantages of Valor
The natural soil improver stimulates the growth of flowers and plants in an environmentally friendly way, it regulates the water balance and provides a natural balance in the soil. The reuse of organic waste has a positive effect on the environment. For example, compost fixes CO2 in the soil, preventing it from being released into the air. Compost therefore helps in the fight against global warming.

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